EMMUNIZE – Emmunize Review – Is Emmunize a Real Deal?

EMMUNIZE – Emmunize Review

  The World is at Risk… but there’s hope with Emmunize

Ever wonder why you pay for virus protection and still get viruses? If this hasn’t happened to you, consider yourself lucky; most likely you know someone who has.

The most popular antivirus programs in the market today use outdated and flawed methodology!

Watch the two videos below and see not only how easy it is
for hackers to access your account even with a good anti-virus system but also see how this PROACTIVE system works 100% of the time to give you complete protection from viruses and all other malicious software using state of the art technology….
This is “NEW”, “REVOLUTIONARY” & we have the exclusive rights to market this amazing software to the world….but there’s more so please keep reading after you watch the videos.




What Makes Emmunize The BEST Antivirus Software for your PC?

Protects your PC from viruses when others can’t – Ever wonder why you have antivirus software and still get infected with a virus? With the combination of white listing, black listing and denying the unknown, Emmunize always knows what is trying to run on your computer resulting in the best protection on the market today. An independent lab test proves it. Click Here to view a PDF of the test.

Speeds up your PC – Other antivirus software slows down your PC because they have so much running in the background taking up your PC’s resources. With Emmunize’s approach, it doesn’t need as many resources, which speeds up your PC!

Automatic updating software that works around the clock – Do you ever wonder if your Antivirus is up to date? With Emmunize and cloud computing, Emmunize automatically updates 24/7 giving you the comfort that you have the most recent updates all the time.

White Listing – Unlike outdated methods being used by most popular antivirus products, Emmunize uses a new white listing method which is able to stop the 10,000+ new viruses created every day. Some other products claim to have white listing, but not when it matters most, when your PC comes in contact with a potential virus.

Comparative Efficacy Assessment of Emmunize – March 2011

In an independent lab test conducted by Malware Research Group Effitas, Emmunize was found to stop 100% of viruses that were created that same day. Why spend money on traditional antivirus software that only works part of the time when you can buy Emmunize and be protected all of the time?
Why risk your personal security? — Get Emmunized today!

Emmunize proactive PC protection provides you with complete protection from viruses and all other malicious software. Many security products rely on lists of known “bad” software, this approach will never secure your PC effectively as all viruses begin as unknown files. Emmunize does not rely on outdated methods of protecting your computer such as definitions, signatures or behavioral detection.

This new and refreshing approach blocks malicious software before an infection occurs providing you with peace of mind and confidence when browsing the Internet. Emmunize is one of the first if not only products to combine application white listing with a cloud antivirus engine. Unlike many antivirus solutions, Emmunize is light on PC resources even while scanning for threats. Say no to spyware, trojans, viruses, and all other types of malware forever.

Best of all the company will pay us to help others to protect themselves.

Yes, you can protect your information, help others and create a generous residual income for yourself!

This is a true…WIN-WIN!

When you search for a business you look for the perfect combination…

Your search is over…Please keep reading to find out how we created “The Perfect Storm”….

People – Product – Pay Plan


You have the option to join our team build for Emmunize
Why a team build?  The pay plan is perfect for it.
There are no sponsor requirements.
Everyone can make $1600 monthly residual in this team build.
We will build top to bottom and left to right to fill in all the holes
We know everyone can’t sponsor, but everyone can contribute.

Emmunize – Cloud AntiVirus that Stops Viruses when Others Can’t!
Emmunize – Faster. Smarter. Stronger …Better.


First to market, exclusive rights, no more updates, covers computers, tablets, your Skype, Yahoo, Bank Accounts, E-wallet etc. and anything else on your PC will be safe now.

Your personal information is finally safe…….thanks to Emmunize!

Seriously…why use a product that only works part of the time and leave your identity, bank account, and personal information vulnerable when you can use a product that works all of the time?

Pay Plan

The Pay Plan is simple: 4 ways to make money.

• Entrance cost $59
• Monthly is $12 (which protects up to 3 computers or tablets)
• It is a 3×9  forced matrix
• Retail component with a residual attached
• Fast Start bonus $10.00 paid to you for each person you bring in as a rep.  Another $10.00 also comes to you in the form of a founders club bonus equaling a total of $20.00 as a fast start to you and a $10.00 Matching founders club bonus goes to your sponsor for working with you and your prospects. (Breakdown of the $59.00  This includes $15.00 enrollment fee, $32.00 1st year replicated website and back office and $12.00 for your first months emmunize software for three computers)
• No sponsorship requirements to open pay plan to level 7
• To open up levels 8 and 9 you only have to personally sponsor 3 members
• Not only does it open the matrix to the max, you also will receive a 20% matching bonus on all your personals
• Sponsor 6 and you open another level of matching bonuses; you will receive 10% on your personal’s personals
• Sponsor 9 and you open another level of matching bonuses; you will receive 10% on your personal’s personal’s personals.
• We will be able to sell this product to those who do not want to come into the business for $8.99 per month. This covers 3 computers and your commission is $2 per month for each customer
• They can also pay $6.99 for one computer and you will be paid $1.25 per month.  Line up the non profits!!




JOIN NOW :   http://alexz.emmutec.com/

The Perfect Storm Has Been Created

• Guru’s over you, team build under you, front end marketing in the middle
• A system that will put this on automatic pilot for you
• Custom made video landing page for us, with opt in box
• Custom Video Sales page
• Auto Responder–10 professionally written emails
• PM Notify
• Lead Management System
• Training
• Telephone Broadcast Platform (they call you, no more chasing!!!)
• Virtual Receptionist
• Video Mobile Website
• We have the exclusive rights to this system; no other team will have access to it!

So let’s recap:
We are in the best position with the #1 Master Dealer Larry Lane
Listen to this Sizzle Call – 605-475-4099  pin: 403573#   #  to listen
Please note:  you must press # # (twice)
We have the who’s who joining our team
Doing an optional team build, that will benefit all
We purchased a cutting edge front end sponsor system, our belief window is so high in this program and system, we invested thousands.
The little guy will win, the big guy will win, this time we all win!!

You have a FIRST MOVERS advantage by joining with our Team.company.

This is a revolutionary product in an industry that has waited too long for an answer to having total protection online.

Why wait any longer?  Come aboard the first team, the strongest team, the most caring team and work side by side with us to market the most powerful proactive anti-virus software the world has ever seen.

Email to LOCK in Your spot NOW to zalexanderz@YAHOO.COM
before we open on Wed with “Count Me IN” in the subject line
and in the body please provide your


$ $ Open NOW! $ $

We have our Corporate Opportunity Call at 9PM Eastern Monday thru Friday 530-881-1200  Pin# 639725#

*On Wed we will have the developers of Emmunize as our Special Guests….don’t MISS it and invite all your friends, family and associates to listen to this historical call.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me.


Emmunize will save our world!



JOIN NOW :   http://alexz.emmutec.com/


Alex Z
Team Wealth Coach { USA } 
Cell 718-490-1559

Capt. {MIKA} Michael S. Cowper
Team Wealth Coach { USA } 
Cell 586-321-1039
Office 954-607-2377    

Susan Graham { PARTNER }
Team Wealth Coach { USA } office 618-808-0221

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