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Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia
You have to buy the feast of friends Lia Sophia jewelry?

My friend and his mother is having a Lia Sophia jewelry party (such as pampered chef, But the jewels) do not want to ask if we have to buy something, I feel silly. I do not have much money but want to go to support. Can anyone help?

I agreement with the other answer – you never have to buy something from one of these parties. However, I must add that you should go anyway, even if you're not buying any why. Your friend has invited you because she wants you to enjoy the evening, speaking from a business perspective, more people in the room best. Think of it like this: if you are the only person there, do not feel pressured to buy something because you feel bad about your friend. But if 12 people there, not pressure and 11 others will not the pressure on them. In addition, you can see something you want to give someone as a gift – not always get something for yourself. Christmas, Hanukkah, etc, to come, both more could you keep something on hand for the anniversary informal slipped into you.

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